Wednesday, 19th


8h00-8h45 Registration

8h45-9h45 Invited Speaker: Hector Geffner
Session chair: P. Perny
Room: Auditorium
Planning with Uncertainty and Incomplete Information

9h50-11h05 Bayesian Networks and Probabilisitic Reasoning
Session chair: F. Jensen
Room: Auditorium

  • Using Recursive Decomposition to Construct Elimination Orders, Join Trees, and Dtrees
    Adnan Darwiche, Mark Hopkins
  • Mixtures of Truncated Exponentials in Hybrid Bayesian Networks
    Serafín Moral, Rafael Rumí, Antonio SalmerŪn
  • Probabilistic Reasoning as a General Unifying Tool
    Giulianella Coletti, Romano Scozzafava, Barbara Vantaggi

9h50-11h05 Inconsistency Handling
Session chair: T. Schaub
Room: Salle des Theses

  • A Semantic Tableau Version of First-Order Quasi-Classical Logic
    Anthony Hunter
  • On Anytime Coherence-Based Reasoning
    Frédéric Koriche
  • Resolving Conflicts between Beliefs, Obligations, Intentions and Desires
    Jen Broersen, Mehdi Dostani, Leendert van der Torre

11h05 Coffee break

11h30-12h45 Possibility Theory
Session chair: L. Godo
Room: Auditorium

  • Bridging logical, comparative and graphical possibilistic representation frameworks
    Salem Benferhat, Didier Dubois, Souhila Kaci, Henri Prade
  • The Capacity of a Possibilistic Channel
    Andrea Sgarro
  • New Semantics for Quantitative Possibility Theory
    Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, Philippe Smets

11h30-12h45 Belief Revision and Fusion
Session chair: A. Hunter
Room: Salle des Theses

  • On Computing Solutions to Belief Change Scenarios
    James P. Delgrande, Torsten Schaub, Hans Tompits, Stefan Woltran
  • Data Merging: Theory of Evidence vs Knowledge-Bases Merging Operators
    Laurence Cholvy
  • Social Choice, Merging and Elections
    Thomas Meyer, Aditya Ghose, Samir Chopra



14:15-15:30 Decision Theory
Session chair: A. Tsoukias
Room: Auditorium

  • On Preference Representation on an Ordinal Scale
    Michel Grabisch
  • Rule-based Decision Support in Multicriteria Choice and Ranking
    S. Greco, B. Matarazzo, R. Slowinski
  • Propositional Distance and Preference Representation
    Céline Lafage, JérŁme Lang

14:15-15:30 Models of Uncertainty from the Psychology Viewpoint I
Room: Salle des Theses
Session chair: R.D. Neves

  • Statistical Information, Uncertainty, and Bayes Theorem: Some Applications in Experimental Psychology
    Donald Laming
  • Polymorphism of Human Judgment Under Uncertainty
    Rui da Silva Neves, Šric Raufaste
  • How to Doubt about a Conditional
    Guy Politzer

15h30 Coffee break

16h00-16h50 Decision-Making
Session chair: P.A. Money
Room: Auditorium

  • Troubleshooting with Simultaneous Models
    Jirí Vomlel, Claus Skaanning
  • A Rational Conditional Utility Model in a Coherent Framework
    Silvia Bernardi, Giulianella Coletti

16h00-16h50 Models of Uncertainty from the Psychology Viewpoint II
Session chair: R. Mercer
Room: Salle des Theses

  • `Not Impossible' vs. `Guaranteed Possible' in Fusion and Revision
    Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, Philippe Smets
  • Formalizing Human Uncertain Reasoning with Default Rules: A Psychological Conandrum and a Pragmatic Suggestion
    Jean-FranĮois Bonnefon, Denis Hilton