Thursday 20th


8:45-9:45 Invited Speaker: Finn Jensen
Session chair: P. Shenoy
Room: Auditorium
Graphical Models as Languages for Computer Assisted Diagnosis and Decision Making

9h50-11h05 Bayesian Networks
Session chair: R. Scozzafava
Room: Auditorium

  • Decomposition of Influence Diagrams
    Thomas Nielsen
  • Importance Sampling in Bayesian Networks using Antithetic Variables
    Antonio Salmerón, Serafín Moral
  • Caveats for Causal Reasoning With Equilibrium Models
    Denver Dash, Marek J. Druzdzel

9h50-11h05 Belief Revision and Preferences
Session chair: C. Tessier
Room: Salle des Theses

  • A Priori Revision
    Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr, Béatrice Duval, Stéphane Loiseau
  • Some Operators for Iterated Revision
    Sébastien Konieczny, Ramón Pino-Pérez
  • General Preferential Entailments as Circumscriptions
    Yves Moinard

11h05 Coffee break

11h30-12h20 Graphical Representations of Uncertainty
Session chair: C. Borgelt
Room: Auditorium

  • Sequential Valuation Networks: A New Graphical Technique for Asymmetric Decision Problems
    Riza Demirer, Prakash P. Shenoy
  • A Two-steps Propagation Algorithm for Min-based Possibilistic Causal Networks
    Nahla Ben Amor, Salem Benferhat, Khaled Mellouli

11h30-12h45 Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, and Explanations
Session chair: D. Dubois
Room: Salle des Theses

  • Label Semantics: A Formal Framework for Modeling with Words
    Jonathan Lawry
  • Reasoning about Knowledge using Rough Sets
    Weiru Liu
  • Explanatory Relations based on Mathematical Morphology
    Isabelle Bloch, Ramón Pino-Pérez, Carlos Uzcátegui



14h50-16h30 Learning Causal Networks
Session chair: P. Shenoy
Room: Auditorium

  • Supporting Changes in Structure in Causal Model Construction
    Tsai-Ching Lu, Marek J. Druzdzel
  • The Search of Causal Orderings: A Short Cut for Learning Belief Networks
    Silvia Acid, Luis M. de Campos, Juan F. Huete
  • Stochastic Local Algorithms for Learning Belief Networks: Searching in the Space of the Orderings
    Luis M. de Campos, J. Miguel Porta
  • An Empirical Investigation of the K2 Metric
    Christian Borgelt, Rudolf Kruse

14h50-16h30 Default Reasoning
Session chair: T. Lukasiewiecz
Room: Salle des Theses

  • Comparing a Pair-wise Compatibility Heuristic and Relaxed Stratification: Some Preliminary Results
    Robert E. Mercer, Lionel Forget, Vincent Risch
  • How to Reason Credulously and Skeptically within a Single Extension
    James P. Delgrande, Torsten Schaub
  • Handling Conditionals Adequately in Uncertain Reasoning
    Gabriele Kern-Isberner
  • Rankings we Prefer - A Preferred Construction Semantics for Default Reasoning
    Emil Weydert

16h30 Coffee break

17h00-18h15 Applications
Session chair: P. Smets
Room: Auditorium

  • Probabilistic Modelling for Software Quality Control
    Norman Fenton, Paul Krause, Martin Neil
  • Ellipse Fitting with Uncertainty and Fuzzy Decision Stage for Detection. Application in Videomicroscopy.
    Franck Dufrenois
  • Spatial Information Revision: A Comparison Between Three Approaches
    Éric Wurbel, Robert Jeansoulin, Odile Papini

17h00-18h15 Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Session chair: H. Geffner
Room: Salle des Theses

  • Value Iteration over Belief Subspace
    Weihong Zhang
  • Space-Progressive Value Iteration: An Anytime Algorithm for a Class of POMDPs
    Nevin L. Zhang, Weihong Zhang
  • Reasoning about Intentions in Uncertain Domains
    Martijn Schut, Michael Wooldridge, Simon Parsons

18:30 Banquet