Friday 21st


8h45-9h45 Invited Speaker: Torsten Schaub
Session chair: L.M. Pereira
Room: Auditorium
What's your preference?
And how to express and implement it in logic programming!

9h50-11h05 Belief Functions 1
Session chair: A. Salmeron
Room : Auditorium

  • Dempster Specialization Matrices and the Combination of Belief Functions
    Paul-André Monney
  • Coarsening Approximations of Belief Functions
    Amel Ben Yaghlane, Thierry Denoeux, Khaled Mellouli
  • The Evaluation of Sensors' Reliability and their Tuning for Multisensor Data Fusion within the Transferable Belief Model
    Zied Elouedi, Khaled Mellouli, Philippe Smets

9h50-11h05 Causality and Events
Session chair: S.D. Parsons
Room : Salle des Theses

  • Simultaneous Events, Conflicts and Preferences
    John Bell
  • Ramification in the Normative Method of Causality
    Mahat Khelfallah, Aicha Mokhtari
  • Orthogonal Relations for Reasoning about Abstract Events
    Ajay Kshemkalyani, Roshan Kamath

11h30-12h45 Belief Functions 2
Session chair: T. Denoeux
Room : Auditorium

  • Belief Functions with Partially Ordered Values
    Ivan Kramosil
  • On the Conceptual Status of Belief Functions with respect to Coherent Lower Probabilities
    Pietro Baroni, Paolo Vicig
  • About Conditional Belief Function Independence
    Boutheina Ben Yaghlane, Philippe Smets, Khaled Mellouli

11h30-12h45 Logic Programming and Logical Information Systems
Session chair: A. Herzig
Room : Salle des Theses

  • Monotonic and Residuated Logic Programs
    Carlos Viegas Damásio, Luís Moniz Pereira
  • A Proof Procedure for Possibilistic Logic Programming with Fuzzy Constants
    Teresa Alsinet, Lluís Godo
  • Complete and Incomplete Knowledge in Logical Information Systems
    Sébastien Ferré



14h15-15h30 Coherent and Imprecise Probabilities
Session chair: C. Coletti
Room : Auditorium

  • Probabilistic Logic under Coherence, Model-Theoretic Probabilistic Logic, and Default Reasoning
    Veronica Biazzo, Angelo Gilio, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Giuseppe Sanfilippo
  • Computing Intervals of Probabilities with Simulated Annealing and Probability Trees
    Andrés Cano, Serafín Moral
  • An Operational View of Coherent Conditional Previsions
    Andrea Capotorti, Tania Paneni

14h15-15h30 Satisfiability and Modal Logic
Session chair: J. Bell
Room : Salle des Theses

  • Extending Polynomiality to a Class of Non-Clausal Many-Valued Horn-like Formulas
    E. Altamirano, G. Escalada-Imaz
  • A Genetic Algorithm for Satisfiability Problem in a Probabilistic Logic: A First Report
    Zoran Ognjanovic, Jozef Kratica, Milos Milovanovié
  • First-Order Characterization and Modal Analysis of Indiscernibility and Complementarity in Information Systems
    Philippe Balbiani, Dimiter Vakarelov

15h30 Coffee break


16h00-16h50 ATMSs and Argumentation Systems
Session chair: L.V. Torre
Room: Auditorium

  • Importance Measures from Reliability Theory for Probabilistic Assumption-based Reasoning
    Bernhard Anrig
  • Argumentation and Qualitative Probabilistic Reasoning with Kappa Calculus
    Valentina Tamma, Simon Parsons
  • Dialectical Proof Theories for the Credulous Preferred Semantics of Argumentation Frameworks
    Claudette Cayrol, Sylvie Doutre, Jérome Mengin