The series of ECSQARU conferences was initiated by the members of ESPRIT DRUMS Project led by Philippe Smets. One of the central themes of this project was to develop a heterogeneous view of formalisms for uncertainty. Rather than trying to develop a particular approach to the exclusion of others, members of the project were keen to compare and contrast their preferred approach with other approaches. This led to a very stimulating and worthwhile environment for research. This spirit has continued with the ECSQARU series.

Since there is no society or institution behind ECSQARU, the permanent committee, consisting of:

- Salem Benferhat
- Philippe Besnard
- Didier Dubois
- Lluis Godo
- Anthony Hunter
- Rudolf Kruse
- Weiru Liu
- Henri Prade

aims to ensure the continuity of the ECSQARU series.