The ECSQARU conferences, held every two years since 1991, are a major forum for advances in the theory and practice of reasoning and decision making under uncertainty  in intelligent systems. The scope of ECSQARU includes, but is not limited to,  fundamental issues, representation, inference, learning, and decision making in qualitative and numeric paradigms. Submissions are now invited for  ECSQARU-2003, the seventh conference. For more information, please consult the call for papers.

Previous ECSQARU conferences have been held in Marseille (1991), Granada (1993), Fribourg (1995),  Bonn (1997),  London (1999), and Toulouse (2001). ECSQARU-2003 will be held in July 2003 in Aalborg, Denmark, hosted by the Research Unit of Decision Support Systems, Department of Computer ScienceAalborg University.

With its more than 160,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is the fourth largest city of Denmark and the regional capital of Northern Jutland. In more ways than one, Aalborg is an interesting and dynamic city and has the resources to be in the forefront of developments. The history of Aalborg can be traced back more than 1,000 years. The city is situated at the narrowest part of Bay Limfjorden and in the course of time developed into one of the busiest trading centres of Denmark. Activity and prosperity have left their marks on the city's architecture, and many of the old buildings still are natural elements in the townscape. The area definitely has lots to offer, from historical buildings and museums to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country within easy reach.  Aalborg is generally known as an exciting town with a wide variety of activities. In addition to a vast number of cultural events, Aalborg is renowned for its many restaurants, cafés and bars - many of them to be found in Jomfru Ane Gade, Aalborg's amusement street.

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