Conference location

  The conference will take place in Medina Mediterranea Hotel****

  Yasmine Hammamet –Tunisie



      In order to be in the same site, we encourage you to book a room in Medina Mediterranea with the following

      preferential prices:  

n Just breakfast accomodation : 34 DT (EUR 19)) / person / day (double room)

n     Half board accomodation : 38 DT (EUR 21)  / person / day (double room)

n       Supplement single : 12 DT  (EUR 7)  / person / night

N.B. The given prices in EUR are approximated (depending on the exchange rate).

     Please send an e-mail to sales@medina.com.tn with ECSQARU 2007 RESERVATION as subject and send us

     a copy to ECSQARU2007@topnet.tn. The reservation should be done as soon as possible since the number

     of rooms is limited.




     For the shuttle, the prices are the follwing:

n Grouped shuttle (By Bus) : 20 DT (EUR 12)) / person / One way.  (30 DT (EUR 18) / person / Two ways).

n     Individual private shuttle (By private car)  : 70 DT (EUR 40) / One way. (140 DT (EUR 80) / Two ways).

     Please send an e-mail to booking@tws-to.com.tn with ECSQARU 2007 SHUTTLE as subject and send us

     a copy to ECSQARU2007@topnet.tn.